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Published on March 7th, 2012 | by Ronic


A Case For Dragonball Z Kai

With Dragonball Z Kai now finished in Japan and with it coming on a wonderfully regular basis from Funimation I thought I would take the time to just give a few thoughts on it and my reasons for why it may be better than the original.

Before that however some of you might be asking what Dragonball Z Kai actually is and why it is different from the original Z. Basically if there is one major criticism of Dragonball Z is its drawn out fight scenes which isn’t so much just Dragonball Z more just the Shonen genre in general, I won’t even go into Bleach right now….Anyway Kai was an idea to remaster the series for HD and a new television run, to cut out all the excess shouting and power levelling and trim out all the filler.

Now that’s out the way lets get down to the actual finished product.

Best way to sum it upĀ is…If you have never seen the original series, watch Kai instead of Z, the cuts they have done has made the show much more enjoyable even for a guy like me who has seen the original series many many times, the reason it is personally so much better is to do with the pacing of the show. It drops the 5 episode power ups reducing the entire first series (The Saiyan Saga) consisting of 39 episodes down to about 16, which although some of you might think is sheer blasphemy, the show is better for it. It’s fast paced, the fights are still as great as ever as the action flows so much better, it leaves out the filler saga’s such as the Garlic Jr saga, which wonderfully means skipping Krillin’s bimbo girlfriend who seems to have the intelligence of well….There are no real parallels to it.

Of course I’m not saying its perfect although they mentioned repairing all the broken frames, cleaning them up and redrawing them, quite a few of them especially in the Android saga seem to have severe damage which is very noticeable especially on an HDTV. Saying that though for a show that is over 20 years old now, damn it still looks great with the occasional messed up frame here and there.

The music is another part that has had treatment updating it with some very odd, awesome and incredibly over-the-top pieces of music, the main culprit being the apocalyptic theme song of Frieza, search it for some laughs. On the DVD releases however this does mean whether its English or Japanese you watch it in, the music stays the same. I might be in the minority here but I loved the old American Bruce Faulconer tracks that felt much more modern and in line with the other anime released years later.

In the end it’s all opinion, some may love the 20 episodes with 10 minutes of fighting, and I still can’t turn my back on it, it’s still the original and in some eyes the best. However that doesn’t mean people should over look this fantastic update to the series that brought me and thousands of others to anime and manga.

One thing I hope everyone can agree on is what the hell is the need for all the hate against the Buu Saga! They miss it out in games constantly forgetting the amazing fusion characters and only successful evil villain Buu who does manage to wipe out all life on Earth! Sadly Kai follows this with the ending being the end of the Cell Games, here’s hoping they finish this off sometime in the future as I for one want another complete set to run through.


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