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Published on April 8th, 2012 | by Ronic


Outgoing Otaku at D-Con 2012!

After a fantastic day out at D-Con, we have put together this video full of some of the most awesome and unique cosplays we came across that day, and the amazing variety in costume, from Scorpion to Power Ranger, the effort which has went into these costumes makes each one…simply awesome!


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writes for OutgoingOtaku in whatever spare time he manages to find, between a full-time job, friends, and whatever else life throws at him! His love of anime started with Dragonball Z, and is currently re-discovering the love of Digimon!

10 Responses to Outgoing Otaku at D-Con 2012!

  1. Reicha7 says:

    Yay, my interview was up :D (limbo), was cool chatting with you guys on the day :)

  2. Reicha7 says:

    It was rather awkward indeed :P Was getting some pretty funny looks that day…

  3. FlyingScotsgirl FlyingScotsgirl says:

    was such a good day can’t wait for next year. was great chatting with you guys :) i see some irony in me being dressed as Portal 2’s Chell without actually playing it but i’ve now downloaded it off steam and i’m playing through it – it is awesome :D

  4. Michael says:

    Very nicely done guys! Gotta keep it up! :D

  5. Sarah says:

    that portal gun is awesome :0 how long did it take to make it?

    • FlyingScotsgirl FlyingScotsgirl says:

      It took about a month to make, once i have enough money to buy the materials again im going to make a tutorial (but for the guide i used search indymogul portal gun on youtube :) )

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