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Published on April 27th, 2012 | by TheDapperDork


Sleeps With the Fishes…

I am almost certain you will have seen, or at the very least know of Smallville, the TV series responsible for taking Superman and turning his tale into a sort of hellish teen drama. But! Were you also aware that in early 2006 a pilot was created for an Aquaman TV show? didn’t think so…. And that right there is a god damn shame.

While working on Smallville the creators felt that Aquaman was a character worthy of his own show. And so it was that a pilot came to be shot. Much like Smallville, it took more than a few liberties with the series’ lore. Having Arthur’s mother die much later in his life than in the comic and keeping his father around full stop. As a result, Aquaman is somewhat less of a damaged and sympathetic character, plumping instead for the arrogant teen rout. These minor complaints can be overlooked however, on two very important grounds. One: the show is free from any and all giant rideable seahorses and two: it features Ving motherf**kin’ Rhames! Who, of course adds some much needed bad-ass credit to the cast list. Rhames fills the role of  McCaffery, mentor to Aquaman and a fellow Atlantean castaway, responsible for sneaking Arthur and his mother out of Atlantis when the people rebelled against the king. It has also to be said that Justin Hartley performs fantastically as Arthur (or A.C. as he is dubbed in the show), lending him some believability and some real character. Smallville fans may remember him as he appeared in 82 episodes as Green arrow.

The greatest shame of the pilot is that we are seeing a young and very green Aquaman which, while useful for a long-form series, kinda robs us of the chance to ever see Arthur at his trident wielding scale-mail wearing best. All in all we get the feeling of the foolish petulant youth who is destined to grow into the great hero, what a shame then that we only get to see him as he is starting out. Imagine if you only ever got to play the first few hours of Final Fantasy X. you would forever be left with the impression that Tidus was the worst hero in the series. This is the essential taste left in one’s mouth after viewing Aquaman.

The episode has it’s share of issues. Being that it is only a pilot, the visual effects are somewhat sub-par and some of the dialogue feels just a little poor. It must be said however, that the main cast hold up admirably and the score, such as it is, is pretty great. Ranging from the rising drama of the classical fight music to bits and pieces of teeny pop-rock and a theme tune which I can only describe as feeling a lot like that of the Uncharted videogame series.

Ultimately I feel somewhat robbed. An entire season was made of The Flash, millions where spent on a Green Lantern movie, and for what? Both took excellent superheroes and ruined them. But here we had another great DC character, a tonne of lore to dig through, a more than competent cast and the creators of a hugely successful franchise all of which could have made for an brilliant long running series. Hell the damn thing even screened well, critics thought it showed a lot of promise! But no, it was not to be. Seemingly based on the simple fact that too few people were Aquaman fans in the first place, the series never saw the light of day…

But of course. These days, Hollywood is looking for any superhero property they can get their greedy little mitts on to shill for a quick buck, a few of which thankfully work out. Here’s hoping that Aquaman will also get a look-in for the big screen treatment. And hey, if they could find a way to fit in some of Ving Rhames bad-assery…. Well that would surely be no bad thing. Right?

Unfortunately, if you wish to see the Aquaman pilot you may be forced to resort to *ahem* less than legal methods, as it has only been made available to iTunes and Xbox live users in the US. It may be sitting on Demonoid…. Little way down page 1.… possibly….. I’m just spit-ballin’ here….

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  1. Dr Vegapunk Dr Vegapunk says:

    Seeing as Aquaman was one of my favourite characters from BBTB this depressed me

    There will never be another good DC movie, the dark knight was the first and will be the last

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